Community Solutions Council Established

Executive Order – Establishing a Community Solutions Council

Issued: November 16, 2016

The purpose appears to be a continuation of coordination work that has been done by a Community Solutions Task Force since 2015. In addition, two previous executive orders (Executive Orders 13560 and 13602) are revoked.

This is a fairly lengthy, detailed order that creates a structure for the Council and consolidates efforts from previous ventures. It requires a long list of departments to work together to encourage community involvement in solving problems with the help of the federal departments and agencies.

Following is an extended quote of the principles behind the action:

“Sec. 2. Principles. Our effort to modernize the Federal Government’s work with communities is rooted in the following principles:

(a) A community-driven, locally led vision and long-term plan for clear outcomes should guide individual projects.

(b) The Federal Government should coordinate its efforts at the Federal, regional, State, local, tribal, and community level, and with cross-sector partners, to offer a more seamless process for communities to access needed support and ensure equitable investments.

(c) The Federal Government should help communities identify, develop, and share local solutions, rely on data to determine what does and does not work, and harness technology and modern collaboration and engagement methods to help share these solutions and help communities meet their local goals.”

I endorse this kind of cooperation.


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