Presidential Proclamation — Bill of Rights Day, 2016

Posted December 14, 2016 this proclamation declares December 15, 2016 as Bill of Rights Day.

The first paragraph of the proclamation:

“After much debate and deliberation among the Framers, the first 10 Amendments to our Constitution were written to reflect a compromise between preserving the rights of individual citizens and supporting a strong and secure Federal Government. Since its ratification on December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights has enshrined many of our most fundamental liberties and unalienable rights — including the freedoms of speech, worship, and assembly; the rights to trial by jury and due process, and the protections from unreasonable search and seizure and cruel and unusual punishment. For 225 years, the Bill of Rights has shaped our Nation and protected our citizens, and today, in honor of all those who have worked to secure these freedoms, we strive to continue forming a more perfect Union guided by an enduring belief in these highest ideals.”


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