Thirty Days and Counting

As of today, we are now just 30 days away from a new president taking office. The Electoral College has voted and all that is left is for the new Congress (115th) to officially “count” those votes to ratify the election.

None of my initial concerns have gone away or diminished since the election. We as citizens are going to need to stay informed and communicate regularly with our senators and representatives to keep pressure on them to do what is in the best interest of the country. At this point, they are the primary means we have for mitigating the damage sure to be inflicted on the nation by the whims of an incompetent president.

I intend to do my part, although I have very little confidence that the elected officials in my state and congressional district will do much, at least initially. To date, they have shown no signs of willingness to be the check and balance required by the constitution. Over time, if my suspicions are confirmed about their failing to do their part or worse yet become complicit, we as citizens will have to consider what other alternatives we have to protect the country from heading toward chaos or autocratic rule.



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