Finding Executive Action Documents

Since the inauguration it has been very difficult to find the full text of actions taken by the president. News reports of the signings almost never include the full text, and I am not willing to post anything here based solely on a reporter’s version of the action. Unfortunately, too many reporters (and their editors) are not well enough informed on the nuances of official presidential actions to be trust-worthy. Thus, no postings by me yet on items you might have seen or heard about in the news.

As of now, the White House website remains unchanged with zero documents available (other than the ‘propaganda’* documents posted when the site changed over). I am unimpressed, to say the least. Failure to get even a basic site operational by now is more than a little disconcerting. Obviously, I am going to have to rely on other sources to follow presidential actions. If events the past few days are any indication of what is to come, we might as well call Sean Spicer the Press Propaganda Secretary.

Although the Federal Register did publish its daily (weekdays) digital edition today, the most recent document from the “Executive Office of the President” on that site was dated January 17, 2017, so it may be a few days yet until the ones signed by POTUS 45 are available there.

Fortunately, this evening I discovered the three memoranda (some media reports erroneously called them ‘executive orders’) signed today were published by I have not yet taken time to read and review them, but plan to do that soon.

*my word, not theirs. They are listed under Issues.


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