Presidential Executive Order on a Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety

Yesterday, four executive orders were posted on the White House website. This is the earliest posting.

On the surface, this order seems mostly benign. It simply creates a task force to be appointed and managed by the Attorney General. Its focus is to reduce crime (particularly illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime) by gathering to share ideas, developing strategies, reviewing current law and recommending new legislation, and evaluating availability of crime-related data.

The task force is to be dissolved upon completion of its tasks as determined by the Attorney General.

While it appears reasonable, there is plenty of vagueness that could lead to abuse. One provision, the review and development of better crime data collection, is a worthy project and I hope it leads to better data and sharing by all law enforcement agencies.

Overall, I do not see the need for this to be done as an executive order. The power it gives the Attorney General, with regard to immigration law enforcement especially, is dangerous. Given the new AG’s past record, we have even more reason for concern.

Executive Order signed February 9, 2017.


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