Delegation Memorandum Follow-up

So far, I have not seen or heard anything in the news about the delegation memorandum. After giving a little more thought to it myself and wondering if the timing of its issuance – immediately after the return of the Secretary of State from Korea & China – might be more than a coincidence, I decided to do more digging.

First I tried to find equivalent delegations by President Obama and found some similar ones on other issues, but none with regard to nuclear proliferation.

Then I decided to look again at the section of the law referred to in the memorandum. This time I found on a different government website, the full text of the law and apparently I did not find the correct part yesterday. I think what I saw and quoted was just the title for that section. Today I found the full text of that section. While it does refer to nuclear proliferation, the full text is just a requirement for the president to produce a report on the updated plan by 90 days after the law was enacted.

I think now it is just a routine delegation to the Secretary of State what is required of the president – to produce that update report. I still find it interesting that it delegates to State what I might have thought would be Defense, but other than that, I can find no other sinister goings on here.


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