Two Executive Orders May 11

Two radically different topics, but only one having any real potential for improving anything.

The order on cyber security is, in my view, the most important, but much of it is just a call for yet more reports withing 90 or 120 days. Some of the verbiage in the order implies there is little coordination and a significant amount of obsolete equipment/operating systems/software in the executive branch currently. If that is accurate, portions of this order are long overdue. I believe cyber security is the most significant problem the government faces right now and any focus on making improvements in that regard should be supported by everyone. Some provisions in the order, however, appear to be thinly veiled means of padding the pockets of some businesses/industries.

The order establishing a commission on election integrity is a far more troubling one. It is completely unnecessary and smacks of being another in a long line of “actions” to throw some red meat to the base. Along with the unveiling of this order, announcement of those appointed to head it up make it clear to me any results forthcoming from this entity will not have anything to do with real integrity in elections and much more to do with how to enhance vote suppression.

Official Titles:

Executive orders signed May 11, 2017


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