Made in America

The hypocrisy is palpable. The incompetence is rampant. For this administration to date (and post) the announcement of “Made in America Week” the day after the week begins says more about it being a poorly presented PR gimmick than the proclamation itself says about honoring “American workers and job creators”. Is it really just an afterthought that didn’t deserve better planning and a full blown PR roll-out? Or more likely, it is just another weak attempt at distraction.

If POTUS 45 made good on this through his companies, I might take it more seriously, but “profit first” is a more genuine mantra than “America First” will ever be for this man and his family.

Official Title and Link: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims July 17, 2017, as Made in America Day and this Week, July 16 through July 22, as Made in America Week

Proclamation dated July 17,2017


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