Signing Statements

The occasion of the signing of the “Russia sanctions” legislation after some bluster to the contrary, was a reminder that I need to, at least occasionally, check for presidential signing statements attached to signed legislation.

I have already written about the first signing statement. Since then there has been only one other before August 2nd, when POTUS 45 actually signed two statements on the same bill!

I’ll take them in order. On June 6 a brief signing statement was attached to the DHS Stop Asset and Vehicle Excess Act. It essentially says in the law Congress exceeded its authority and infringes on the constitutional authority of the president.

There was some speculation among the media about whether or not the president would sign the sanctions bill (H.R. 3364) because of his apparent close relationships with Russia. In the end he signed the bill, but in an unusual action he attached two separate signing statements. I am wondering if when the Government Publishing Office publishes this online there will only be one official version, because they are similar with the typical “there are unconstitutional provisions in the law” objection.

What I missed in most of the media reports was the bill including Iran and Korea as well as more rigorous Russia sanctions.

Official Titles and Links to statements attached to H.R. 3364:

Signing Statements dated August 2, 2017


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