All over the news the last few days in anticipation, this now official act recognizes the capital of Israel as Jerusalem and declares the U.S. embassy will be moved there. Because it is getting so much coverage, I will make only brief comments this time.

Some have questioned the timing of the action. On the one hand, it may well be doing this now provides a needed distraction from other controversies, such as the Russian investigation and the tax bill, and that is why routine extension was not the chosen action. On the other hand, some kind of action was going to be needed under any circumstances, because every six months since the late 1990s presidents have delayed moving the embassy to Jerusalem for purposes of stability and peace negotiation in the middle-east.

I am in agreement with the majority of the world in believing this action is more likely to create conflict and bloodshed than aid in any peace agreement.

[Ed. Note: For a little more background, see what I wrote about this in June and also last December.]

Official Title and Link: Presidential Proclamation Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel and Relocating the United States Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem

Proclamation dated December 6, 2017


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