Please note, the general focus of this blog has changed. You can read more about it on the Revised Focus page.

Below is the original About page. I leave it here for first time site visitors to see the original motivation for this blog.

I call this site Responsible Citizen Voice because I think it is important for each of us as individual citizens to be responsible members of our society, to the extent we are able. Taking part in civic life using our talents and skills we each uniquely possess is part of being responsible. Those of us living in the United States of America have many privileges and along with them comes some obligation to do our share for the common good. This venture is part of my effort to help make our country and world better.

The primary purpose of this site is to monitor all official actions of the President of the United States. I have decided that I do not want to rely on the various media outlets to inform me when important executive actions are taken by the president. The media have not been very reliable recently in determining what is most important vs. what is just controversial or what will draw readers/viewers/clicks.  So I am going to do this myself and share what I learn publicly for anyone else who might find presidential executive actions to be consequential.

According to the White House website, there are four categories of presidential actions: Executive Orders, Memoranda, Proclamations, and Signing Statements. My intention here is to review, possibly summarize, and comment on these actions. On occasion when I am alarmed about an action, I will do everything in my power to call broader public attention to it so the American people can be aware of the actual or potential consequences of the action.

Initially, I hope to at least read every action carefully. Over time I may find the volume and relative importance of the actions may require that I be selective, deciding on which ones to feature and/or comment on here. Anyone wishing to view all the actions can follow the links (on the sidebar to the right) to the White House site or the National Archives site and find them listed there.

In addition to the focus on presidential actions, I will occasionally post general comments or questions about our current political culture and climate.

For a little more detail on what triggered the establishment of this blog, you can read my welcome and my first opinion post.