Some Perspective

In his eight years in office President Obama was repeatedly accused of abuse of the power of the presidency, especially in his use of executive orders. According to my count, he issued 275 official executive orders.

Interestingly, his predecessor, George W. Bush, issued 290 executive orders.

Hmmm…who was it again who “abused the office” more?

It remains to be seen how many will come from this president’s pen, but it will not surprise me if it exceeds both of his immediate predecessors.



President on Vacation

On December 16, 2016 the President and his family left for his annual vacation in Hawaii. He is scheduled to return to Washington, D. C. January 3, 2017.

Through December 28 there have been 17 presidential actions (posted on the White House Presidential Actions page) and two bill signing statements, not to mention the numerous other statements and releases posted on the Statements page of the site. More are on the site already today (as of early afternoon December 29).

Who knew the president did anything on vacation?