Colombia Again

Another continuation of a national emergency – this one dating back to 1995.

Official Title and Link: Notice Regarding the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Narcotics Traffickers Centered in Colombia

Memorandum dated October 16, 2017


Three Proclamations

All self-explanatory, as usual.

I have to say the irony of the last one is glaring.

Official Titles and Links:

Proclamations dated October 13, 2017

Healthcare Changes

Hearing about this then pending executive order yesterday in the media, it sounded like a major change that would gut the Affordable Care Act. My reading of it is far less ominous, at least at this stage.

For example, this interesting phrase used three times in this order: “Within 60 (or 120) days of this order…shall consider proposing regulations or revising guidance…”.

This appears to me to be a very weak order. Just consider making changes? Far more bluster than action here.

The only clear result of this order will be a report to the president in 180 days and every two years thereafter.

Like so many other of this POTUS’ orders, this is for the optics. The pattern I have noticed is whenever the administration hypes up a soon-t0-be-signed executive order, it turns out to be an order to produce a report rather than any real action.

We shall have to wait and see just what changes are proposed by the various cabinet secretaries after the 60 or 120 days has past, before we can judge any serious impact on the healthcare insurance markets. That will be the middle of December and February.

Official Title and Link: Presidential Executive Order Promoting Healthcare Choice and Competition Across the United States

Executive order dated October 12, 2017

General Pulaski Day

I don’t recall being aware of this commemoration before. Just confirmation that most of us are totally oblivious to these presidential proclamations. In this case, the first year was 1929 as a result of a resolution by Congress.

Official Title and Link: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims October 11, 2017, as the 88th anniversary of General Pulaski Memorial Day

Proclamation signed October 10, 2017